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Letter To Love

Dear Love,

I never knew or wanted you until you came
You became a permanent stain
Cos my life was never the same
Ever since I tasted emotional pain
Dear love… do you really exist?
Cos I don’t know what to believe anymore
My vision is covered with mist
Like a kid opening an old store

If you’re real and true,
Why do people only love the beautiful, Rich and ruling
But not the ugly, poor and ruled
Nor the broken-hearted or lonely?
I used to see you as a relief
And a means to pain decrease
But I changed my belief
When I realized you were as slippery as grease

Oh Love! If you exist… tell me
Why doesn’t anyone know…?
Why doesn’t anyone see…?
That the pain in us daily grows?
If we fall in you, we’re called lovers
If we leave you, we’re in pain
You gave us false covers
When sadness and tears starts to rain

My first mistake was to give you a cover
When you stealthily crept into my heart
But I’m sorry, I’m ready to uncover
Ever since you threw me that dart
I was so stupid
That I allowed you to hit me with your arrow
When you disguised yourself as a cute cupid
But never knew you’d one day fly away like a sparrow

Dear Love! I’m sorry to have tasted you
I’m sorry for the times I trusted
Now I’m so blue…
Cos my heart, with pain has been thrusted
I thought I was accepted
Until I was rejected

Dear Love, did you know I cried every night
Soaked my pillows with tears
While I waited for your promised light
But now the promise is among my fears
I’m so sorry I told you my secrets
I was the one who did you wrong
I should have never looked out the streets
I should have been strong

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