Elementary School Tutors: The Life Builders

Elementary School Tutors: The Life Builders—ZenPens

“For the erection of a home is the depth of its foundation” — Ayodele Mojisoluwa.

One could but call it domestic entertainment, purposefully to cast away boredom. One might even name it curiosity meant at teasing—any theme that is being tagged. But I got to a juncture, that I, myself, discovered it was merely a must responsibility as a priority to the younger ones, probably the next-door neighbors and the outsiders. Although, it later resulted into humor and lots of dazzling laughter when I spotted two of my next door neighbor’s children left under my care were brutally into disagreement.

Soon after, I caught the both children virtually exchanging punches. To avoid blasphemy at my own ignorance, I then summoned them to elucidate what might have pregnated their discord. They were unidentifiable twins (male), more so, they were in same class (primary three gold), if I am not mistaken. They were brought up under same roof. I twinkled my eyes and wore a laughing face coupled with chuckles when one of the twins said to the former.

“They are calling us.” With a moment’s pause, I thought deep within myself who they were referring as ‘they’. Soon, I realized they were referring to singular ‘me’ as ‘they,’ once there wasn’t anyone standing by my side.

“Hey, who taught you that English? Don’t you know it isn’t a correct grammar, misusing ‘they’ for a singular pronoun which was to be ‘he’, in regard,” I protested as soon as they got to where I was standing.

“No! No! No! That’s a lie! The uncle in our school taught us,” they totally disagreed. Now I couldn’t hold the laughter to myself, practically rolling in the aisles.

For the academic natality and mortality of a crawling pupil is in the hands of his or her teacher, that is, elementary teachers—they are lives’ constructors. As it has mostly been confirmed by some scholars and academics, that the brain of the little ones are photographic: very easy to teach; they are teachable, they assimilate things being taught very quickly in no time. Children come to class with open minds, ready to engage in teaching-learning process.

Teachers are like gods to the pupils: what a teacher teaches meant so much to the pupils, which cannot be taken from their memory or be metamorphosed by any fact superior to what they have been taught or what they would be taught in the future by the teacher.

Although, I’ve once been in this stenchy shoe, and I believed beyond a reasonable doubt that most citizens could easily relate to the afore-dramatic dialogue, that is, most people have also been in this shoe -for those who studied and are still studying or whose child(ren), niece(s), nephew(s), younger brother(s) or sister(s) etc, are still studying under a bamboo made roof like this.

Nonetheless, most of these primary schools, most especially (privately owned) are funded and set up for the purpose of raising cash, leaving the academic lives of the pupils at jeopardy and at their fate, where most of the pupils’ poor academic performances are mostly on the part of the incompetent teachers and self-centered and nonchalant dispositions of proprietors(proprietresses)_generally teachers so far.

Virtually, every citizen attend private elementary (primary) school, most especially in the western and eastern region of Nigeria; where the so-called masters, mistresses, uncles and aunties (teachers) vocalize in what I termed ‘advance errors and jargons’ in English Grammars, and likely French Language, not excluding our local languages; Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa, etc, and how they manipulate and cunningly solve wrong mathematical equations on the board.

Well, some primary school teachers’ incompetency could be traced to lack of teachable orientation and faculty, or lack of proper understanding about the subject/topic to be taught, or apathy; whereby the teacher teaches merely to earn a living but not for the passion or love he or she has for the tutelage.

In spite of the fact that teachers are the bedrock of every pupil’s life,
and also play some significant roles, that is, morally and academically, yet, most of the teachers are inconsiderate—they careless about what they inculcate in the lives of the pupils which can make or mar their lives in the tomorrows that await them.
The academic wellbeing of the pupils should be adequately perused by their literate parents and be properly attended to.

P.S: Primary school teachers are sailors sailing the pupils to the seashore, otherwise the sinking sand.

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