Can you tell if I’m cold?
If I’m out of daydreams.
Can you tell if I’m sad?
And if I’ve lost all hope.

Can you tell if I’m dying?
If my breathing doesn’t mean I’m living.
Can you tell if I’ve died?
And I am but a living shell waiting to melt under the sun’s rays.

Can’t you tell I’m fading?
Fading from existence, only your presence keeps me
Can’t you see my life dwindle before your eyes?
Don’t you see the fates have my cut string?

Keep me alive my dear one
Wake me up with your smiles and drown me with your light
Streak across my skies and light them up
Lighten my skies… featherlike as a supernova galaxies away.

Call the sun, moon and stars
Gather the beings of the heavens
Tell Saturn there’s a meeting
Announce to Neptune there’s a pageant

Let the verses gather and know I found my fair one
Let timelines rattle, past and present
That they may know I have found you
I have found her

I have found an Aurora
The goddess of Dawn.

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