We Should Gaze At Our Past

When we had worked through the day
We felt relieved to be gathered by the sides of the dark clouds
Where we were once taught how to touch the moon
The night singers began their chorus in subsumed cacophony
The bass singer only paused a while and rejuvenated their songs adrift from perils
Souls became purgent, as bats flew across our house
And gently we settled in folds
Making touches of circles back and forth
And then we began to limp quietly
Our moonlight series had begun!

Drums and echoes brandishing their mystical pull, pulled us to it moves
And we, playfully enrolled our smallish bodies in the displays of submission to its jocular rhythm
And at the end we had our sweaty body too weak to resist the shadowy gaze of the moon
For we thought of jumping and touching the moons height,
And in this night time we felt secured; the full moon following up loyally at our backs!

Soon the ancient bard arrived
Hopping and numbly vibrating his eke
To the pouched rhythm of the metallic gong
Chewing kolas steadily inviting the god of lumbers
To speak through his mouth and palmie
Beckoning on every family’s chi to protect his own

Graciously we gathered together
Waiting for the arrival of the eldest man
Ripe with words of wisdom ready to be plucked
By ears, small, tender and shrill
While older ones went for games into the night
Our parents simply reignited their oily love lamps!

And so stories were told
Riddles were uncovered
We went dancing, clapping, leaping into the air
We held on to our prime
Under the guidance of the giant moon
And with a touch of the eerie air around
Unyieldingly we fell to the injects of sleep
But not after we had danced and wined
And we were happy to see the new moon
And we prayed to see more of it
When night time became as day to us

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