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The Voice Of That Nigerian Student Drug Addict

Even though them like
Even though them no like
I go do my part
I go talk am loud o
Even though say you no be drug addict
Do your part o
Make highness for no carry dem

Even though you never…
Even though you want to
Abeg no bother
Everly e go wound you
Even though you been no know
Now you know o
Drug abuse e bad o

Even though e never do you
E been don do me o, e still dey do me
Even though e never do me
E been do my padi o, e still dey do am
Whether na guff abi na cocaine
Shayo na bastard
Whether na cannabis abi na novocaine
E go finish you like last card

Na person tell me o
I come go try am o
E been dey sweet me o
Now e don dey kill me o
I take one, I no reason am
Small time, one no come dey do me
My nigga, no matter what, abeg no reason am
Abeg, I dey beg you, no dey like me

I been dey alright, dey happy o
Something come do me, I take novocaine
Like this now, e don carry me o
E don hijack my life like crane
Sister, abeg , I dey beg you, no try am
Me wey e dey do, I dey try stop now
Brother, abeg, stop if you dey do am
E go still do you later, if no be now

Gbana na bastard
E don finish me as I dey so
Shayo go chop your last card
Na wetin e do me I dey tell you so
Make person help me, help us o
If not I go just kpai
I no say you you no be Jesus o
My brother, save us, save me, abeg just try!

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