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I fell in love,
With the Angel of Death
Like all angels, his beauty
Was the early morning clouds
Untouchable beyond human reach

He wore a mask of goodness
Alluring me to his grace
He wove his hands of comfort
Into a silky bed, so we would rest the night away

He would smile
The crooked one of a con man
And I the victim, opened each part of my body
For his delightful appraisal
His lips preached sermon
That flowed into my ears
A hymnal song
Converting my unholy soul

Or so I thought
This sermons turned incantations
Spell bounding me to a path of darkness
The silky bed changed into thorns
Preparing me for my ascension
The mask of goodness transformed into evil
His face still remained godly
Befitting that of angels

He sent his crows upon me
One by one, they tore my flesh
A fresh meat for these gory birds
I laid my bloody self
On the barren ground
As they broke my will

After several seasons
I felt no scars on my body
The crows encircled me
Not to descend, but in defense
My once brown eyes became black
My cheekbones formed a dark etch
And when he noticed; my lover who brought this pain
He said,
“Welcome Lady of death
Go forth and bring me souls.”
The crows screeched in happiness
Encircling me once again
And my mouth opened,
“Yes my lord.”

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