I Refuse To Grow

Finding joy in the drops of rain,
Seeing beauty in mud,
Laughing in the middle of sadness,
Forgiving and forgetting,
Why should I leave this beautiful life?
Playing with grasshoppers,
Kissing different colours of butterflies,
Singing with birds in the middle of the bush,
For this, the white hair means nothing as long as I have peace in my heart.

I refuse to grow,
Sharing the little I have without pain,
Crying when my friend is in pain,
Not choosing whom to play with,
Playing with pants in the middle of the road,
Laughing to the sounds of bees,
Not feeling shy to ask when I don’t know,
Curious to learn,
Feeling the need to help everyday,
Why should I leave this life?

I refuse to grow,
Laughing loudly without teeth,
Saying sorry to my enemies,
Laying in my mother’s arms to find comfort,
Always listening to my father’s advice of benefit of hard work,
Always working hard without a thought of money in mind,
Always living with a soul without pain,
I refuse to grow.

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