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Do Otherwise

There were two friends, Micheal and Samuel. They were really close for a while. They both loved each other like friends would but something was wrong. Samuel was girly and Michael didn’t like that. Because of this Michael, always tried to correct him to change the way he walked, talked, and sometimes the fact that he moved his hands while talking.

This caused a great turbulence in their friendship as they became more fight buddies than friends. Every time they’d come across each other it was basically a heated argument on if Samuel was gay but Samuel tried to explain to Mikey that it was how he grew up.

There came a sunny day, Sammy and Mikey were at it again, having another regular fight just outside the chapel. People who saw them just walked past them until a Reverend approached them and asked what was wrong. Michael explained to him that he liked Sammy but he couldn’t stand his girly behavior, and that this behavior has gotten him names he wasn’t proud of bearing.

After Mikey had explained to the Reverend, the Reverend asked for Sammy’s side of the story which he explained by saying Michael was his friend but found it difficult to accept him the way he was.

After they had explained their own side of the root of the argument, it was now time for the Reverend to speak, and he began just like most religious leaders—he stood as the mediator. He told them of how inhuman it is to stop being friends with someone because of certain abnormalities and how Mikey should always learn to keep friends; he explained to Mikey that if he was able to drown out the murmurs from crowd, he’d lead a happier life, and most importantly, the Reverend told them that it’s not the physical appearance that matter but it’s the heart.

He said, “Looking beneath the surface of the person you chastise would make you less myopic and more intelligent at making smart decisions.”

Then he concluded by saying, “The world is judging Samuel for his effeminacy, the only thing Samuel would need to see life as worth living is a friend that understands his predicament as much. Now Micheal I ask you will you be that friend who care more about others than his friends or, will you do otherwise?”

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