When Sorry Ain’t Enough

When Sorry Ain't Enough—ZenPens

Hey cutie… my heart… my mind
Keeps speeding at the same time
Feels like my life’s running behind
Cos without you, the sun doesn’t shine

Our story I could always tell
But right now I feel so low
And just like Adele
I wanna say “Hello”
Just like Justin Bieber
You used to “Love me ”
But like Adele, I’m beginning to shiver
So bad that I wanna ask “Don’t you remember?”

I know that like Akon and Lionel Richie, you wanna “Go”
But please like Justin Bieber, I’m saying “Sorry”
And like Sam Smith, I’m begging please “Stay With Me”
And just like Oberhofer, I’ll cherish you like “Gold”
Let’s stay and talk this out with “Pillowtalk”
Just like Zayn Malik
My life is going back like Michael Jackson’s “Moonwalk”
And that’s because “I Miss You” just like Blink

Yeah I know that like Labrinth And Noah Cyrus, I made you “Cry”
But darling please, just like Ariana Grande, love me “One More Time”
So I’ll always remind you of the Clean Bandits “Rockabye”
And just like Akon, I’ll love you “One Day At A Time”

Baby, I promise that like Akon, someday you’ll never have to be happy “Once In A While ”
And that’ll start from the day we’ll walk down the aisle
You may punish me with inferno
But like Chris Brown, I “Can’t Say No”
Sweetheart, Just like James Arthur, leaving you is “Impossible”
And that’s because like Westlife, Our love is “Unbreakable”
Honey, like Christina Perri, I’ll no more collect “Jar of Hearts”
Cos Westlife told me that you’re the “Queen Of My Heart”

Like Adam Levine did, I’m saying “Please Forgive me”
And like Akon and Michael Jackson “Hold My Hand”
And just like Michael Bolton, one more time, please “Lean On Me ”
So that like Bruno Mars, We can go back to “When I Was Your Man”
Darling, I promise you that like Charlie Puth, I’ll love you “Dangerously”
And like Drake, you’ll be my “Controlla”
And just like Drake too, I’ll be your “Energy”
And also your Lover!

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