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This Na Nigeria

Which time sufferness go stop for this land na?
I don dey suffer no be today talk na!
I don work like wall clock
Walahi! No reward
I dey do all sort of wahala like elephant
naso I dey eat like ant

I wan go school, dem talk say na strike
four years course, dem turn am to life course
my pastor go eat amala
me I go dey eat sand sand
im go dey do swag
me I go dey carry poly bag

no money, people dey do ritual
naso me I dey hustle for inside gutter
cos I believe say, “one day, e go beta”
naso dem dey traffic us go Canada and America
cos of this unemployment wahala
our currency no get value again
e don pafuka

government go talk im own
say, “im go do beta”
after dat, dem go put us for wahala
say, “make we mind our palava”
juju man don turn pastor
becos of civilization matta
twelve pikin, mama and papa
dey live one room for boy’s quarter
why dem no go dream smaller?

No peace again
na so so wahala
Boko haram6 dey murder
Fulani be killer
Yoruba get im own wahala
Igbo wan turn Biafra
Hausa be wrestler
a day job, na five naira
money wey no fit by sachet water
na Papa God go save us for this kasala

The land with milk and honey
naso animals dey swallow our money
all these kain people, dem be comedian, dem dey funny
naso our leaders dey go journey
dem go there go spend our money
country of snake and monkey
rat dey pursue leader for im own office
monkey pox na the latest disease

Dem dey mention dollar like say na paper
black marketers
fuel drillers
Okada riders
farmers and traders
dem dey really suffer
no beta soccer players
why we no go shout end SARS?
police, don upgrade, dem no dey collect twenty naira
their kola start from hundred naira
soldiers, don join them nah

Na so so prayer
we dey pray for Niger area
make im turn beta area
even Sahara beta pass this area
today apprehensive corruption
world repetition
tomorrow na commotion
omission transmission
confusion position
e be like say you no do graduation

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