Swept Clean

Swept Clean—ZenPens

Burning down,
ashes into ashes.
I’ve lost it all, my senses,
my tenses,
my defenses… I’m left with my lenses and what did I see a heart swept clean.

My diamonds and golds,
all traded for love.
For earning the encryption of a four letter word,
all I get is a pain in the ass.

She was loyalty,
She was royalty…
But all I see now are
footprints of cruelty
and frailty.

At first I couldn’t breathe without her,
but now I can hold my breathe for a whole day.
She reminds of grave,
beautiful on the outside
but appalling inside.

The thought of her is my worst nightmare.
Danger is on my mind,
the annihilation of a once peaceful mind.
And now love seemed to disgust me.

She swept completely the floor of my heart,
and there is nothing as love found.
Every nook and cranny of my heart was left with no trace of love.

Her strange ties,
her secret and lies,
her advertising thighs,
her pretentious smiles…
and the other ills not to mention,
was the broom she used in sweeping the floor of heart.

Though I’m swept clean
yet I’m untidy and unkempt.
Being cleaned of love
is to invite the dust of hate and fear.
I long for the dirt of love again!
I hope this time I’ll get a pile of dirt.

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