Sadé Adú

Sadé Adú—ZenPens

‘Sadé Adú’ was my most loved hairdo.
While I was pretty younger,
I could do anything for the love
Of Sadé Adú.

I loved hairdos, but
My most loved was the
All-beautiful Sadé Adú.

Oftentimes, I bribed my prefects
To weekly repeat Sadé Adú as
The hairdo for the week.
Yes, I loved Sadé Adú that much.

Apart from the fact that
I was proud of being a female,
I loved Sadé Adú and
Her Yorùbá accent.

I read her history
And had sincere love for her
With tears bragging out
Of my eyes in my bed, where I laid.

You may argue with your tongue,
It doesn’t change the fact that
Sadé Adú carved a beautiful niche for us all.

Each time I had it on my head,
I walked in full consciousness.
My eyes would pace around
In search for an admirer
… and I often had.

Other ladies my call it ‘two-step’,
But I’d like to bask in the word,
“Sadé Adú.”

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