Kill You, Pull The Trigger

You’ve got the gut to be a God,
But your even walls make you feel it’s odd,
Be the best you can
‘cos better won’t make you feel good,
You’re God-made from Heaven but
these walls will make you a Hell of a wood.

You have what it takes to take what to have,
But the hunger of this food for thought starves,
Your guts die in the gutters of their negativity,
You live by this sword as it slits your creativity.

Your foe and your phobia is a hell of an enemy,
They’ll leave you to live in pieces
and harm your harmony,
Shoot for the stars or get your stars shot
or let them choose for you.
If you don’t break these walls, these walls will break you.

These walls are your limitation,
Breakthrough and break through retrogression.
These walls, a sniper of kill you, pull the trigger

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