Beautiful Choice

Beautiful Choice—ZenPens

Ever heard of rising falling?
Experienced rise and fall?
Is it not a choice?
Maybe a shot

Banker jailed for posting
Student expelled for posting
Sowore jailed for posting
Melaye insulted for posting

Gag me, gag me
I’ll bite off the rag
Cut off my tongue
My teeth’ll grow strong

A wise choice, a wise people
Set up constitution then swallow
Cork up tins as sardines
Seize up rights like Amin

Press freedom in question
In this new generation
Jaunts and jaunts
Happy in snares of porn

Gag me, Gag me
I’ll straighten my hands
Cut off my hands
Never take my life

Bite me, bite me
I’ll shake my body
For you doggy
Cut my legs
I’ll dance for the press

Wise choice
Wise people
I love my country
Not her people

Tell my cousin I asked of her
Tell mama I love her
Oh! Papa forgive me
For I’ve resumed writing

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