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You’re The Next!

“Ah! So you killed mama?” Mara screamed out loud, pouring down tears like a lake of falling, sorrowful waters, she buried her head down to the earth, striking her lap harshly and severely.

“You’re evil—a real beast you are! You just hide the real ‘you’ beneath your wears, no human feeling, stone-hearted,” she said, pointing accusing fingers at Darius, her elder brother.

“Yes, sister,” he affirmed, nodding his head, thinking of the subsequent thing to do and winking at her.

“I had to use mama for ritual to turn around our misfortune.” He drew closer to Mara, trying to hold her hands. “You know, I had to do this because of the extreme poverty we wallowed in some years back. The current situation about your tuition fees then lulled me into this, but I had no other option than to go for ritual, using mama as a collateral.” He knelt down, confessing.

“You’re not human, Darius, but rather lion, whom other humans need run faraway from. Even if I forgive you, mama spirit will never! I prefer dying to living with animal like you,” she said, letting Darius’s hands off her.

The latter stepped back a bit, drawing closer Mara than he did previously; pretending to peck her on the forehead. Suddenly, he brought out a dagger and stabbed her sister to death.

She fell down flat on the surface of the earth and gave up to ghost.

“I am sorry, baby,” he said romantically, staring into the deceased dead eyes. “You’re the next…” he said with a long purse.”…in my list to renew my ritual.”

He looked directly at the ceiling, laughing hysterically and foolishly.

As he was about to get away with the deceased, the police came in shortly after he carried the deceased on his shoulder.

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