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The Little Innocent Girl Child

The war against rape and early child marriage

The pretty little innocent girl child
With a heart and soul so tender, gentle and mild
She may be grown, young or little
But never intimidate her nor her worth belittle
She’s someone’s joy and happiness
She dries someone’s tears and heals their sadness
She’s a beacon of light
Leading us to a greater height

Why do we shut our mouths so tight
Like they’re held with a stape
Why don’t we join in the fight?
To protect the girl child from rape?
Rape is a deadly sin, it ain’t a lie
Rape is devilish, we can’t hide it no more
Let’s fight this war, let’s give it a try
Cos together everyone achieves more

The girl child has a future
She has a God given destiny
So why crawl out of a rupture
To make her a non-entity?
The girl child is someone’s daughter
She came from an unimaginable pain
So her rights you must never alter
Her dignity we must retain

Do not rape the girl child
God is watching you
Do not rape the girl child
Her tears will keep haunting you
Do not rape the girl child
God is always with her
Do not rape the girl child
Cos God and humanity will fight for Her

Life is like a block of stairs
Each one takes you higher as you go
It’s so sad that no one cares
To think ’bout when they let the girl child go
The girl child needs to grow
Please take care of her and nurture her
Do not bring upon her pain and sorrow
Because you want fame and wealth to marry her

She’s too young to bear a child
Don’t push her into early marriage
She’s still feeble, young and fragile
Please let her come up of age
Forget the money and affluence
It’s not all that matters
What about her hope of joy and happiness?
What if in that marriage it shatters?

God loves the girl child
Let’s all do so too
let’s fight this war fearlessly and wild
To make sure she’ll be who she’s supposed to
I fight by the pen, my battle swords
What about you?
You can spread it everywhere, fight by your words!
Remember, The girl child is counting on YOU!

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