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The Cry Of An Innocent Aborted Baby

You met him as a friend
He was young, cute and hot
“He will love me till the end,”
That is what I heard through your thought
You think he is the one
Better than your ex
You never stopped to think of right or wrong
You just plunged into sex

He used and left you like a remnant
He never wanted you but your body
Damn! Now you’re pregnant
And you feel stupid, lost and sorry
“What’s the easiest way to do abortions?”
You begin to ask yourself
You started taking potions and concotions
I began to feel fear within myself

Oh! … so wicked and selfish
I asked for nothing but life
It was nothing but my greatest wish
I was even ready to do anything and strive
If you’re reading this, know I’m already dead
I was pure and spotless, I didn’t deserve this
My innocent blood lies on your head
I won’t forgive you for this!

I thought you would love me
Like other mothers do
Your pretty face I was hoping to see
Never knew I’d die so soon
Why conceive me if you’d kill me
Oh mother! … what was my crime?
I was in heaven … a better place for me
But you brought me out to kill before time

I loved you mother
But you never felt the same
Why did you commit murder?
Oh no! … this is so insane
I pray God forgives you
Because I never will
I’m sure he wanted me to come through you
It was never my will

You were supposed to be a mother
But no … you don’t deserve it
You’re such a heartless murderer
The death you caused me … I don’t deserve it
Oh God! I died because of an abortion
I was killed by a woman … a menace
Fight for me … fight the doctor who did the operation
Oh God! Please my blood is crying for vengeance!

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