Piano and Drum

Title taken after the Late Gabriel Okpara

Seated underside a leafless kapok;
Came a quiet sonorous seven octave of a pianoforte,
From a far away land.
Then my heart arose from solitude
Subduing boredom apart like walls
Lifting the weakened spirit from its bowel

Gently, gently, soul revolving like circle;
The body shaking stealthily
Heavens’ hearts melting like candle wax
… in the the midst of stony heart
Softening ‘nd perfecting

Suddenly, sudden joy crept into my heart
Via the rhythms of the keys.
Speaking into the heart—of sweet lyrics
Beating like a solemn gong

Then weariness became calm
Like the hibiscus flower at the river bank
Incurring peaceful thrill
Amidst the cabal of dead souls
Reviving it to life

Soon after, I heard a drum strike violently like a thunder
Quivering and pulsating rhythmically into my heart
tearing the status quo apart
… like a muddy, broken pot

Roughly, roughly, tormenting the spirit
Resulting into inn’r hubbub ‘nd uproar
Like a man who suffers from brain tumor,
Inflicting psycho ‘nd mental totter ‘nd wobble
Its throb, striking heavens to anger
Breaking mountains into fragments
And inflicting roar of tear torrents
Every path in the spirit and soul in pieces and hurly

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