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Letter To My Mum

Dear mum,
How is heaven? … how you doing?
I’m right here thinking ’bout you mummy
Hope you seeing me, hope you seeing how me doing?
You always seeing how I’m sad and lonely?
Damn… I miss you mum, I love you mum
It’s crazy living without you… years spent!
I know you think I ain’t countin’ or sumt’n
It’s over two decades already… where the hell the time went?

Dear mum,
I wish heaven’s got a phone
Just so I can speak with you
But I’m here all alone
Thinking of my life without you
Mum, why you gotta leave?
I know you can’t answer that but I gotta ask it
Everyday, painful sighs I heave
Please tell God my life’s a mess, he needs to fix it

Dear mum,
I wish I can be right there with you
Wish God can just bring you back to me
It’s really painful… cos I don’t really know you
I don’t even have a picture that I can see
May 1st… I don’t know what happened that day
I don’t know if I’m to celebrate or cry for ya
C’mon ma, why you gotta die on my birthday?
It’s damn too much for me to bear for ya

Dear mum,
When I do right, can you please smile for me?
When I do wrong, please don’t frown on me, don’t cry
Dad’s fine, he’s doing alright but not for me
It just not happening no matter how I try
Ma, I’m gon’ keep grinding
There ain’t no’ing that you’re missing here
Do sumt’n for me mum, e’en though it’s praying
Cos it’s really tough on and for me here

Dear mum,
Why you gotta die after my birth?
How do I survive in this wicked earth?
I just wish it never happened
Wish ’twas sumt’n you could have handled
I miss you mum … I love you mum
And I’m tryna keep me in one piece
I don’t know but I gotta say sumt’n
Mum… blood in peace!

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