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You said I was yours,
You said you loved me.

You said we’d be fine,
Till the end of time .

I told you my secrets,
everyone last one.

Trapped in my head, so you knew them all.

I thought you love me, I thought you would hold me.

But you lied to me and then you turned around and hurt me.

You screamed at me
“You are worthless, you are scum and no one loves, not even one.”

You scraped at my walls, driving crazy.
The sound of your nails digging into my head, your claws latched on my soul, your voice… soft and yet cruel.

Yet I long for you, yet I want your touch.

Call this a dysfunctional relationship belittling; you’re all I want.

Cut me, let me bleed, call me worthless and useless, but the truth is you’re all I need.

Cut me let me bleed, stab me and scold me but the truth is… you are actually me.

Hello my insecurities, where have you been?

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