Dear Diary

Dear Diary—ZenPens

Dear Diary,

Does God fail? Does He turn his back on me? I know He’s not a failure, but circumstances around turned Him a failure. Diary, you have no answers to my questions? If then, let me embark on my expedition…

I am a revelation—a million minds await; the world, a purpose, I have to fulfill. Don’t search me, diary. If you found me missing amidst waters and oceans, don’t search for me! Don’t search for me! For this earth is big and bigger to locate a missing pin; too mean for my heart to live.

I am a tortoise’s shell without body nor soul. It’s not me writing, not me speaking, not me weaving, but my spirit. For if you search me in the waters, I have turned a shadow, I have been enmeshed with the ‘ghomid’ in the forest, but I am still a soul, not saying ‘adieu nor cheerio’. I am going for a beautiful pilgrimage.

I have tossed myself amidst colourless balls—search me not. I have diluted myself with untitled books—needless ‘wanted’. For you can never bring out white from black. Yes, you can’t! Unless you eat what ‘they’ are eating. I have lost myself amidst lionesses, only a living ‘Samson’ can come to aid. Search me not, diary!

Diary, I am awesomely thankful for the few pages you’ve left for me, serving as a living witness. I am a living corpse. Let no leg search for me. I still breathe fresh air, beneath the ocean.

P.S: I am a revelation!

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