Lessons to Leave Behind

Lessons to Leave Behind—ZenPens

Simi watched the little boy snatch a balloon from the air
With all hilarity in his face
The child hugged this balloon violently not letting go
Giving it all the misdirected love, such a child could muster
Until this balloon got tired and burst free
Bang! Bang! Pop! Pop!
The balloon was Simi’s esteem ready to bullhorn life
The boy’s action reminded her of mother’s aggressive affection
That charged through fists of insults
Filed under the ongoing court case titled, “Upbringing”
This stroll down memory lane made her feel a puddle
Her heart cried for the dead air of happiness around them
Just like hers and mother’s love

Simi’s dad fared no better
A disciplinarian with a belly full of rot
His motto “spare the rod and spoil the child”
Drove round the neighborhood like a preacher’s van targeting sinners
He channeled such discipline into booze and whips
Dedicated to the sweet beer that soiled his lungs
But hardened his heart, as the whips fell head over heels in love with Simi’s back
Day by day, the whips crack whispered, “I love you”
Three little words her parents dared not speak
She learned to whisper “I love you” too
For the lashes couldn’t scar a soul, already burst
Bang! Bang! Pop! Pop!

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