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Happy People

We are happy people
We go on errands
Down the slope, up the hill
We climb the mountains
In search of pebbles

We are happy people
We bear the strenuous heat
The long treks on our crooked highways
We stress out offenders
Though we are ourselves many colours

We are happy people
We are comfortable with everything
Homicide, kidnapping etc.

Beautiful people we are
One happy people, not bothered
With features of our rulings

Great arson, I hail thee!
Great homicide, murder…
Hello tribalism
Having a good time?

We are happy people
Favoured with understanding
harnessed with ‘survival’

God bless Nigeria
What about the potbellied
They are already ‘stomach-blessed’

We are happy people
Comfortable with the killings at Benue
Findings of kidnapped children at Anambra
Land disputes at Ebonyi

We are happy people
Happy with the fire outbursts
Lives and properties lost
Flaunts of affluence
By the countries big-men
While the poor men talk to poor men

Should I quit being a poet
As the Senate passed a bill
To stealthly cut of my hands
When I spell the ills of the society

It’s funny how it came to be
Though we are happy people
I should be happy with that
I wonder why I’m not

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