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Freaky Christmas

Ademidunsola’s POV

A continuous irritating beeping sound interrupted my sweet sleep. The silly alarm.

I groaned in frustration as I rolled on my side to press the snooze button and it stopped beeping.

I stretched out on the bed and yawned out loudly. What’s today? I thought deeply. “Oh! Today is December 25!” I exclaimed as my gaze flickered to the calendar on the wall.

“Today is Christmas!” I screamed but I was taken aback by the sound of my voice.

“What’s going on?” I spoke up again and it didn’t sound like me. “This is not my voice! What happened to my voice?!” I gasped out in shock.

I mean I wasn’t sounding like Ademidunsola.

I pondered on how I got a totally different voice this morning. Last night I said goodnight to my family with my own voice and not… I paused to think and check out the room.

“Huh? This can’t be happening!” I exclaimed. I hopped out of bed quickly as I glanced around the room once more. It was different. Cream walls with shades of pink. This wasn’t the mini-sized room I slept in last night!

Obviously this wasn’t my room. But where am I? I asked myself.

A soft knock came on the door. Now who is at the door? I wondered. My mom? Dad? Or sibling? Wait up did we move into a new home overnight? No! That’s impossible!

“Come in,” I said after a minute of trying to figure who might be at the door.

A young lady on black-fitted jeans and yellow off shouldered top stepped into the room with a bright smile on her face. She was unfamiliar.

And she greeted me cheerfully. “Good morning, Miss Simisola.”

My forehead creased at the name she just called me. “Simisola?” I repeated, surprise in my tone.

“How was your night? I’m pretty sure you enjoyed yesterday’s party.” She smiled, like she knew who I was.

Well I still don’t understand what was going on. I don’t remember going to any party either. “Who are you?” I asked.

She arched her eyebrows. “And where am I?” I asked again.

She gave me a deep frown. “I guess you had too much drink last night. And I warned you against drinking, but you always want to be the life of the party, like your friend Falz,” she answered.

Did she just say Falz? I’m pretty sure I heard her correctly. “I don’t remember going to a party or drinking,” I mumbled.

“Too much alcohol in your system. Let me tell Moji to prepare hangover tea for you.” She strode towards the door.

I don’t know Moji too and what’s she taking about? “Wait, wait, wait.” She stopped in her tracks and turned to look at me.

“Do you need anything from the kitchen?” she asked.

I shook my head. No. “I don’t know you—”

She stared at me in confusion. “Are you serious about that?”

I nodded. Yes. “I am Abidemi, your personal!” She gritted. “And this is one of the reason why I don’t like you drinking at parties. You tend to behave like you’ve lost your memories!” She threw her hands up in frustration.

“I’m sure you don’t remember your name.” She huffed.

I am Ademidunsola! I said within myself.

“Sometimes I feel like you always act after taking too much drink. And I advice you take up an acting career with your music.” She laughed.

Acting career with my music? What music?

“I don’t understand,” I whispered.

She groaned and dragged me behind her. An ugly scream escaped my lips when I saw my appearance in the mirror.

“Are you alright, Miss Simisola?” she asked with a dazed look.

I was stunned, shocked and confused by my look. I pointed to the lady in the mirror.

I could see a more beautiful face and a gorgeous small body in a transparent night gown. How on earth did I become another person?

I could hardly believe what I was seeing in the mirror. How did this happen overnight?

I sleep as Ademidunsola but woke up as Simisola, the famous female Musician in Nigeria!

I started backward when realization hit me. What sort of a miracle is this? How did this happen? I pondered.

I didn’t pay attention to what the lady was saying but I only heard the closing of the door. I was lost in thought, surprised by how I became Singer Simisola over night.

“Oh my God!” I gasped out all of a sudden.

I’d figured out the reason how and why I became a celebrity.


Foreign Affairs, that’s my department
You gat to met me only by accident…

I watched my seventeen-year old brother, Adedayo display to the song playing on my phone.

“I love this Falz and Simi song o,” my younger sister, Aderinsola commented.

“I enjoy Simi’s part the most,” I said.

“Before nko? Who did not know that it is Simi’s verse that you will enjoy?” Adedayo mimed to the tune.

“You like Simisola too much.” Aderinsola shook her head as she acted like Simi.

I laughed. “Yes o, I like Simi’s music.” I hummed to the song.

“Simi’s biggest fan.” Adedayo chuckled.

“If I am not her fan, what do I gain?” I shrugged.

“And what do you gain as her fan o?” Aderinsola said, mockery in her tone.

I gave her a glare before turning back to the novel I was reading.

My family and friends know my favorite Nigerian musician is Simisola, the African Doll.

I know a lot of things about her. I know all the lyrics to her songs. I have a special notepad where I wrote down her biography, all her songs and every news that dropped about her.

My mom would always say that I was wasting time on following up on a celebrity who doesn’t even know I exist. My siblings would mock me for knowing every hint about Simisola, but that doesn’t stop me from backing out on knowing more about Simisola. They just can’t understand how much I love Simisola and her music.

Adedayo dropped on the bed in exhaustion after dancing to several other music. “Christmas is around the corners of Lagos,” he breathed out heavily.

Aderinsola huffed. “Tomorrow is December 25, but it’s not looking as if tomorrow is Christmas.”

Adedayo did the tsk tsk sound. “I smell a boring Christmas.”

“Boring, boring, boring christmas.” Aderinsola hissed.

“Christmas won’t be boring for me,” I said.

“Why did you say that?” Adedayo asked.

I look up at him. “Mom’s friends are coming around with their kids and she’s gonna prepare our favorite Christmas dish—”

“—of jollof rice and chicken, a food we eat almost everyday.” Aderinsola rolled my eyes as she completed my intended statement.

“That means everyday is Christmas in our home.” I laughed.

“I knew you would end your words like mom.” Adedayo scoffed.

“To be honest, I wish for something different and better for this Christmas,” Aderinsola cried out.

“Something like what, o aunty wa?” I asked.

“New clothes, shoes, bags, watches. A visit to the beach, or I get to see Santa Claus at a Christmas funfair,” she answered.

“Ah! Only you Aderinsola!” Adedayo laughed.

“Am I asking too much?” She frowned.

“No, you are asking four much.” Adedayo chuckled but I silenced him with a glare. He was fond of teasing Aderinsola and if I don’t stop him, they’d end up fighting till God knows when.

“I want so many things. I wish Santa can give me all the things I want since I’m sure my parents won’t get them for me.”

“Who told you our parents can’t afford those things?” Adedayo asked.

“I know they can afford it,” Aderinsola replied.

“So why don’t you just tell mom about it?” Adedayo teased.

He was aware of the situation of things. He knew about the financial issue on ground but he decided to make a joke out of it and tease Aderinsola too.

Derin hissed. “Have you forgotten mom and dad drained out their money on big sis’s admission fees?” she asked.

“Hey stop sounding like they wasted their money,” I countered.

“I’m sorry big sis, but if it weren’t for you, then I would have gotten a lot of things for Christmas,” she grumbled.

Adedayo chuckled. “Blame that on Redeemers University, not big sister.”

“And do you expect me to sit at home for another year just to fulfill your own desires?” I spat angrily.

“Stop being selfish Aderinsola. Waiting for admission for more than three years is not a joke o,” Adedayo added.

I finished secondary school in 2015 and sought for admission for more three years. I wrote exams in several universities and spent a lot of money on buying forms just in the name of education. But nothing worked despite my high grades.

My parents got tired of spending money on federal and state universities PUTME forms, so they both came up with the idea of enrolling into a private university.

I was against it at first because I knew that would cost a lot of money. And I didn’t want them to spend all their savings for just my education alone. They still have two other children to take care of.
Don’t get me wrong, my parents can afford the fees but I was just being considerate. My dad is a lawyer while my mom works as a gynecologist in Federal Medical Center, Abeokuta.

Fortunately for me, two months ago I gained admission into Redeemers University to study Engineering.

And I don’t like that fact that Derin thinks our parents wasted their money on me. I’m going to school to study and achieve my dreams.

“In short I want you out of my room,” I said.

Adedayo gave me a mock bow. “Ah Oluwa mi ero o.”

Take it easy, my Lord

“I’m sorry big sister,” Derin apologized.

“You better watch what you say to me.” I managed to give her a small smile.

“To be honest, I wish to change my phone this Christmas. I want an iPhone,” Adedayo said after a moment of silence.

I want something for Christmas to but I can’t ask my parent for anything. They’ve already spent too much on me. And they’d still spend more when I’m leaving home finally by January.

“Ah! Daddy should just surprise me with iPhone11,” he said.

“Oya oga nla, you want iPhone 11, continue dreaming o.” Derin laughed.

“Ehn, can’t dad get one for me too? At least big sis is using an iPhone,” Adedayo retorted.

“Are you Ademidunsola?” Derin asked.

He shook his head no. “Be using style style to call her name o.”

Derin giggled. “Hey bro, I’m just trying to make a point here.”

“Which is what o? Aunty point,” Adedayo responded.

“You’re Adedayo and she’s Ademidunsola. See ehn, it’s not only iPhone that you’ll use, daddy will buy low phone too,” she mocked.

My daddy didn’t just buy me a phone on a platter of gold, but I worked for it. At the beginning of the year, just when I was about to get a JAMB form I made a deal with my dad. I made him promise me that he would buy me an iPhone if I scored 280 in JAMB.

Lo and behold I had 285 and daddy fulfilled his promise weeks after I saw my result.

Adedayo frowned. “Is like they are massaging your brain with fufu.”

Aderinsola and I bursted into laughter.

“Seriously big bro, if you want an iPhone then make a better deal with dad.” Aderinsola gave him a sly wink.

“Don’t worry I’ll score 300 so dad can buy me an iPhone too,” Adedayo said seriously.

“Please break record o, Adedayo,” I commented.

“Adedayo the dreamer! See ehn you can’t score 250,” Derin laughed out.

“What do you mean?” he asked with a deep frown on his face.

“I said you can’t score 250 in your first JAMB,” Derin repeated.

“You’re a stupid girl!” he spat angrily.

Adedayo tried to hit her but she moved behind me when I stood up to walk into the bathroom.

“No fighting please,” I cautioned but Adedayo didn’t listen.

“Ah you want to beat big sister?” Aderinsola held on to me to dodge from Adedayo’s beating.

“I’ll kick you out of my room o,” I shouted.

“Sorry big sis, send Dayo out.”

“Dayo, leave this girl alone!”

“I know you’ll support her,” he said.

“I’m not supporting anyone, I just want you to stop the rough play.” I pushed Derin away for me to rush into the bathroom.

“Oya follow her into the bathroom na.”

“I’m not fighting you.”

I did my thing in the bathroom and walked back into the room. Adedayo held on to Derin’s clothes.

“You must fight o.” He carried her on his shoulder and spanked her butt.

She screamed. “Oya sorry… sorry you’ll score 500.”

“That’s impossible,” he chuckled.

She laughed “You can make it possible.” He spanked her again.

“Oya say I’m a genius…”

“You know big sis is the only genius in this house,” she answered.

He swirled her. “Say it.”

Derinsola screamed. “Let go of me!”

“Stop that rough play Adedayo!” He stopped and dropped Derin on the bed.

“God has saved you, I’d have throw you out of the window.”

Derin coughed. “Have you seen what you’ve caused now?” I eyed him.

“See his head, wicked brother.” Derin stick out her tongue at him. “Agbaya oshi!Old fool.

“Can you hear her?” Adedayo said.

“I don’t want to hear anything please.” I picked up my novel to read.

“Wait big sis, I want to ask you something before you start reading one yeye book. What—” I cut him off with a glare.

“How dare you say she’s reading a yeye book?” Aderinsola asked. “You’re too rude, and I’ll report you to daddy.” Derin clapped.

Adedayo silenced her. “Shut up, aproko, mama Africa.”

“You’re even telling me to shut up, instead of you to beg me.” She scoffed.

“Begger on the highway ni,” Adedayo hissed.

I groaned in frustration as I threw my blanket over my face. These children won’t stop fighting until I kick them out of my room. I need to rest.

“See ehn, I’ll report you to daddy.”

Yeye girl, be causing trouble everytime.” He gave her a scornful look.

“You’ll see—”

“Go and sleep jor.” He silenced her. “I’m sorry big sister.” He gave me an apologetic grin.

“It’s alright, but please leave my room. I need to rest.”

“It is only Adedayo that should go o,” Aderinsola added.

“Follow your brother please, ” I replied.

“I’ll leave but first tell me what you want for Christmas.”

“How is that your business?” Derin countered.

“Ah! Derin you like fighting,” I said.

“Leave her o, if I beat her now she’ll start crying like tractor engine.”

“I want to see Simisola!” I cried out.

And they laughed. “Una no get another want for Christmas.”

“You’ll see her at the Christmas concert, just get the ticket.” Derin laughed.

“I can’t go,” I answered.

“Ahn why na?” Derin asked.

“I don’t have money jor,” I hissed.

“Plus I’m sure mommy won’t allow you. Remember her rules,” Dayo reminded.

“No outings during festive periods for safety purposes.” Derin completed.

“Oops, then I guess we won’t get what we want for Christmas.” Adedayo resigned and walked out of my room.

I waited for Derinsola to do the same but she didn’t leave. “Aunty egun, what are you waiting for?” I asked.

“Let me stay, I won’t disturb you I promise.” She gave me a puppy face. “Please.” Her eyes held a pleading look.

“Alright you can stay.”

“Thank you!” She hopped into my bed and cuddled with me.


I gasped out at realization, last night I wished to see Simisola but now I am Simisola! That’s weird! And how did things happen this way?

I walked back to the mirror, and I could see is an extremely beautiful woman with a glowing skin.

Gosh! This is freaky! Like the change happened over night. And I am now a star. I opened my mouth to sing a song.

Wetin be love is no show
like water wey no dey flow

I paused. My voice came out perfectly like that of Simisola. Of course I am Simisola!

“Thank you, Santa!” I shouted and jumped around the large room in excitement.

“Miss Simisola, here is your tea.” Abidemi walked in with a tray in her hands.

Now I need to act like Simisola. I sat on the bed and crossed my leg like a star.

“Yes… yes come in..” She dropped the tray on the bed side drawer.

“Drink up while I pick out the clothes you’d wear for the concert.” She strode towards the wardrobe.


Seconds clicked by before Abidemi showed me a blue knee-length gown. “You’ll match it with a silver heels.”

“When is the concert?” I asked.

“The concert is today, and it’s starting by 5pm.”

I heaved a sigh before she spoke up again.

“The make up artist will be here by 1pm.”


But all of a sudden fear washed over me at a thought. “When am I to perform?” I asked.

“By 8:30pm, you are the 8th artist.”

Oh my God! I have to stand on a stage and sing to hundreds of people!


What if I fall of the stage? What if I don’t get the lyrics correctly or go off beat? How do I stand or act on the stage?

Series of questions flooded my mind.

I don’t have the confidence to face crowd. My greatest fear is ruining that concert with my performance! That’d destroy her reputation!

What do I do? I thought deeply as the make up artist draw out patterns on my face, something I wasn’t used to.

Abidemi read out my show schedules till the end of the year. No holiday for celebrities o.

I was so nervous when we got to the concert.

You’re a star and not Ademidunsola. No you’re Ademidunsola and not a star. No you’re a trapped in a star’s body.

“Whatever.” I breathed out heavily before one of the bouncers helped me out of the car.

Noises by media representives, flashing lights, camera and paparazzi palava were everywhere. How do stars cope with all these things?

Three bouncers guided me through it all. I spotted other celebrities as we walked close to the Red Carpet. A TV presenter asked for a minute of my time.

Well I managed to compose few words about how happy I was to be among the performing artistes and also nominated to get “The Best Songwriter of the Year.”

I forgot my nervousness as I mingled with other co-stars.

But my fears came back when they announced my presence on the stage. My palms became sweaty and my heartbeat rapidly.

Abidemi asked if I was okay and I said yes before taking the first step to the stage.

I jumped in fear when the DJ made a thunderous sound. The crowd screamed when I finally appeared on stage. Their shouts kinda gave me courage to shake few hands.

Ademidunsola! Ademidunsola! Ademidunsola!

The crowd chanted and I became confused. They ought to call Simisola and not Ademidunsola! I closed my eyes to think.

“Ademidunsola!” One final call and everything stilled.

I felt a sharp pain on my thigh which cause my eyes to open immediately.

“Stand up and stop sleeping like a log of wood!” a familiar voice reverberated in my ears.

Another hit on me and I sat up quickly, only to see my mom staring at me angrily.

Wait, what’s going on?
What happened to the concert?

“Still in bed by this time of the day!” Mom hissed.

I rubbed my sleepy eyes to get a better view of where I was again.

Grey walls, pictures hanging on the wall, books in a mini shelf and pile of clothes on a single couch close to the window. I was back in my room.

And yelped in disbelief! Waking up as Simsola, acting like a celebrity… so everything happened in my dream!

How I wish it was real! But that seemed Impossible! Everything that happened was just freaky! I had a freaky Christmas dream!

My mom’s voice snapped me out of reverie. “Come to the kitchen and help me with the cooking. My friends will be here anytime soon.” My mom stormed out of my room.

I recalled that I had promised to wake up early to help her out in the kitchen.

I heaved a sigh before getting out of bed to meet up with her in the kitchen.

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