Beautiful Lagos

Beautiful Lagos—ZenPens

The hustle and bustle
The life and the spirit…

The trader gives false measurements of grain.
Someone walks by and your purse is gone.
Jumping from bus to bus, young, old, men, women, mother and children… it’s a survival of the fittest.

All the life happens here, it’s only here you can ‘buy one car and get one free’
Not to mention the terms and conditions
It’s only here that a snake can swallow 36 million when the masses are hungry and suffering.

We’ve got the slums and mansions gathered in one place.
We are a people striving, for life, for our children, for the ones we love and for better days.

When our leaders forsake us, we don’t sit back and do nothing, we pick up the pieces and find our way to the top; because broken crayons still color.

While we might indulge in some serious crimes, all that we do, we do for the ones we love. And that’s the most beautiful thing about us—our hearts

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