What If…?

What If...?—ZenPens

I got home feeling more terrified, I quickly bolted the door, sat down miserably as I began to recall everything that has happened.

I went to the clinic for a check-up, because I suddenly noticed some movement in my belly. The doctor had run a quick test and found out I was five months gone. I was dumbfounded.

“How can it happen when I had coital union with no one? It only happens in the Bible or is this the second Jesus?” I asked myself but got no answer. I felt the doctor was crazy or probably drunk, but he looked calm. I felt my tummy but it was flat because I am an athlete. He insisted that I went for a scan to clear my doubts. Yeah, I did that anyway and that was how the whole thing started.

The scan proved the doctor right. I was really frightened. I saw the foetus smiling at me and it waved, “Mom, I will be coming very soon.” I felt like dying, I looked at the doctor and he smiled and told me it was normal and that he had encountered more of these cases. He told me to expect the baby in less than ten hours. I squirmed in fear, what is this man saying? Could this be real?

I hurriedly ran out from the doctor’s office to the waiting room. There I saw patients, they burst out laughing hysterically at the sight of me. I shrieked on seeing a lady in a pool of blood, her stomach ripped open with her baby trying to get out and was delighted with the pain the lady was passing through. I scampered for safety and found myself in my room.

* * * * * *

I stood up and saw my stomach jutting out; it became bigger and looked like I was going to deliver very soon. I went close to the mirror to catch a glimpse of it, the sight was horrible. I opened my mouth to scream but no sound came out. My vision reddened and I wanted to close my eyes so that all the weird things happening would stop, but I couldn’t because of the pains.

I heard sounds, unfamiliar sounds coming from the bathroom, I moved close to it and opened the door. There I saw Betty, my roomie, she stood still facing the mirror. I called out to her but there was no response. I wanted to tell her about what was happening. I tapped Betty, she moved slightly and faced me.

I drew back and yelled; the sight was disgusting and scary. Her eyes were red, she removed her hand from her stomach and I saw it, I saw it. Her stomach was open and her foetus was forcing its way out, the baby was laughing viciously like someone on a revenge mission. It was a bloody sight. I stuck my hand in my belly and pulled my foetus out. It jumped down and started giggling, I fell down with pain and was gasping for air alongside Betty. My vision was fading off as I started recapturing how everything started.

Five months ago, Betty’s boyfriend hosted a party at his quarters. The party was crowded with people of different classes. I got there late, waved at Betty who was in a deep conversation with her boyfriend, and there I saw Rocky amongst them and my face went pale. Two weeks before the party, Rocky had called me and told me it over between us. The relationship of three months ended just like that with no explanations.

“Just need some time, need to plan ahead,” these were his excuses which got me angry and I left his house furiously. Since then he never called or visited and I was cool with it, but deep inside of me, I needed him, I need his hug, missed his sweet lollipop lips. Now here he was, right in front of me. Sorry, I meant walking towards my direction with that handsome smile of his, his dimples made him more attractive.

“Come on, Rose, you need to compose yourself, he already said it’s over,” I mumbled under my breath, trying to take my gaze off him but was too late as he had already gotten to where I was.

“Hey Rose,” he called with that cute smile which caught me off guard. I had felt like walking away but I couldn’t, I was lost in the elegance of his presence

“Rose, are you alright?” he added, snapping his fingers in my face which brought me back to my senses.

“Oh, hmm, I’m fine,” I said stammering, making an effort to walk away.

“Please can we talk?” he asked politely and I saw myself smiling. Guess he noticed as he drew me close for an embrace. I hugged him tightly, forgetting what he had done in the past. Love, they say, is a burning feeling from within, which your heart can’t control how you fall into it. He apologized with his charming smile.That was what attracted me to him when we first met at the beach.

“Care for a drink?” he inquired

“Yes,” I said smiling, with our hands entangled together. He offered me a cup of wine and he made me drink to stupor. I started to feel dizzy and couldn’t control myself, I tried getting up but fell back and that was all I could remember.

The sun that penetrated into my eyes woke me up with a slight headache. I got up and was bemused to find myself almost nude. I cover my mouth in regret as I already knew what had happened.I found a piece of paper, picked it up and was shocked at what Rocky wrote.

“Bastard!” I cried.

Now here I am, on the floor writhing in pains, breathing my last breath. Rocky had slept with me and gotten me pregnant, I had terminated the pregnancy. The foetus came out mocking me. Betty had already given up the ghost alongside her foetus but mine is here with her wicked grin, watching me cry and groan. She told me she had came back to haunt me because I had deprived her of fulfilling her purpose. I gave her life and took it almost immediately, she told me to write to others, and I’m writing with pain and regret. WHAT IF… WE ARE YOUR ONLY HOPE FOR THE FUTURE?

The sound of the door which was flung open made me came back from my day-dream. I got up, wiped my face with my left hand in order to get a clearer view of who came in and there he was with his charming smile.

“Oh, it all a dream,” I whispered coming down from bed as Rocky walked closer to meet me on it.

“Hey babe,” he said with his enchanting smile but my mind was not on him. The dream I had really got me frightened and worried. I stroked my belly to know how my baby was doing. Rocky sat beside me on bed and placed his right hand on my shoulder.

“Take this,” he said again, this time stretching some money towards me which got me confused. I never requested money from him.

“What for?” I inquired with a disturbed look

“For the abortion,” he blurted out which got me shocked as I pictured everything that happened earlier.

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