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Prayer is mandatory
It’s compulsory, prayer made me pray.
Prayer treats my incompetence to be competence
Prayer never backs me off
Even though I back off
Prayer sets me even though I am off
Prayer moulds me even though my clay is mixed with silt
Prayer made a potter of submission
Even though my potter is surrounded with thorns.

The first things I desire
Is what I never acquire
It’s prayer, prayer pray me out
To stand as a prayer machine.
Prayer rephrases my thoughts to process prayer all season
Prayer is the face that hangs my old face.
Prayer made an extraordinary box to exhibit an auto prayer machine.
Prayer made my breakfast like an uncomparable breakfast.
Prayer sources for something in what I thought was nothing.

Prayer rises as the sun from the east and never set to the west.
Prayer only rises from the east, west is given as sacrifice
Prayer grew plants as trees
Trees as forest
And forest as green life.
Prayer pays for auto-prayer without season
Prayer never rephrases prayer for sprayer
Because prayer words are in the heart.
Prayer is not a self business
But a collection of both the receiver and the giver.
Prayer is not a template of series of questions
But a relationship between two partners.
Prayer always prays when the prayee ceases to pray.
Prayer accesses all holes, no matter how deep they are.

Prayer gives way in the act of praying
Prayer is pretty in action
Prayer is a staff for warriors
The price for prayer is kept in praying
Continuous prayer is friends to those that swim in prayer.
Prayer lines are always straight
Prayer revolves around for the right prayer point to be effective.
Prayers always prays without season
Prayer is easy for ease
Prayer is always easy for peace.
The bank of prayer is always credited when prayer is in action.

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