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GOODie, bye—good bye!
I think it’s time we disengaged the delusive tie,
That breeds not a serene unison
And the love that lingers ‘neath the scorching sun
Winter worsening weather—lust!

Don’t go completely gaga
‘Cause your love is likened to a roaring water
‘Nd a weakened saga
Devouring my innermost heart
And ripping it apart…

Heavy symphony of cacophony
Coupled with a rusting (in) harmony
Of brokenness
And of bitterness
Chastising tranquility with extreme agility

If I’d known, I would have laid my head beneath the blood and pray
Against the devilish imminent prey
‘Cause being with you is as if pleading for shackles
In the market square of agony
I beg to be freed from your hell-promising irony

You keep fiddling with my fragile heart
So cunning and fickle, toying with my injured part
But I’d rather be dyed with solitude
Than to die with you¯being rude
fickle friend fiend,
Your love—nil hearted!

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