Dance to These Beats

Days curled into months,
reoccurring nine times.

Hands covered in gloves,
I screamed out my eyes.

Emotions in me roaring,
fierce and true like a beautiful morning
I named you Nkọlị.

My Ada Obododike, you’re human
and you should act like one.

People without vagina will come to offer you the world,
My precious daughter be warned,
listen to my words,
Dance to them as though drums.

As my cracked palms slaps around these drums to make these beats,
listen carefully and after me, repeat.

You are not inferior to anyone, be it boy,
because we were all made by one God.

This is the joy of every real mother
as the joy of every daughter,
that there is bond between each other.

Be that daughter who gets herself what she wants and remembers where she comes from,
You can be anybody, doctor, president, lawyer
Do not give your ears to men, most are liars

Diamonds and riches they promise
Oh listen and dance to the sounds of my music,
For in exchange they want you to become slaves in bondage, that they can handle and misuse as though you’re sewage.

Be like your mother, be like me,
Just as your heart beats, let this remind you, be a queen.

These are my albums
you should dance, oh bring it on,
I will forever hit these drums.

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