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‘Til My Demise

Just one day I thought
What’s my gain without achievements?
Despite the struggle life offers,
One must hustle.
Overzealous to ambition—
the best lighter to kindle ya candles.

’til my demise…
Without stories to tell, what do I gain?
The irony of life includes sweet sorrow and anastrophic success.
Dealing with my targets fervently is one of my best stories to tell

How I overcame shall never leave my lips.
Having a profound tome, crowned me a Hero
To be wise enough ,
I associate with my wisdom teachers to grow day by day
Believe me or not, iron sharpens iron.

’til my demise,
I must have a prestigious remark
’til I give up the ghost,
I shall be an antiquity to the forthcoming centuries.
My history must be told to the young ones later on.

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