The Heart of Worship

A consecrated heart never dies with wine
Wines are for mockers
And mockers for wine.
A dizzy life melts the floor,
The swift decoded source of worship
In the morning
Flocks of sheep never groan in the morning.
A humble heart never grumbles,
Apple in the eye
Purity is the fountain of good sight.

A sincere heart never bleeds
Out a curse
The premium of worship is a consecrated heart
Heart with a joyful heart
Heart that flows with still stream
Heart that bruises the heart of malice for worship
The heart that rises above a mere heart.

Gold for silver, earth sounds great in the deal
worship unlocks the hardened door.
Around the corner, consecration is the perfect key
For worship.
In the depth of worship
The heart of understanding is the riddle of purity
Rock crack, worship slates limestone
For a humble heart.
Nothing is impossible, if the source is available.

Sorrow walks away when the way
Is tackled by consecrated heart.
Holly bridges its curse
The field of disobedience
Is a thorn for the blunt.
Source never dries
When intimacy is wedded by the source
The code of conduct for worship
Is a pen in the heart of commitment.
Commitment, the potter for unity.
Heart of worship has only the access to it.

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