Play Me Guitar

Play me bass guitar
Ensure you hold the plectrum tightly
And press your fingers softly on the strings
To produce beatific rhythms
And sing along a heart’s melting lyrics
Propped with regular rhymes
That’ll lull my heart ‘nd spirit to love you so deeply,
And lovely…

Give me the resonant concerto gross-like vibe
That’ll sink and pilgrim down the soul
Like a sojourner in purchase of treasure
Arise my emotions to music
To choose the soothing lyrics
Play it repeatedly to mend the shreds in my heart
And straighten the haphazard, wrinkled paths
Like new pieces of clothing

Play it softly in solemn decrescendo
Lulling me to lie on your lap
Like a baby played a lullaby soothing songs
Let it not be unfathomable
Play it, play it—for my innermost heart to attest each rhythm
If the tune lull me on your shoulder
Tell mama your guitar enchanted me to sleep
For no home like your heart

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