Nigeria @59: Rusted Gold

Nigeria @59: Rusted Gold—ZenPens


the great Republic

heartbeat of the black race

hope of million souls

The strength and pillar of her wealth

is endorsed from her land and abundant resources

Home for ALL.

Independence is celebrated

British thanks for your servitude escape

everyone wailing to her disability

for its constraint to bondage and not freedom.

Day turns night, nights turns day

Sucking “water” from the “gutter” like a duck

a significance of POVERTY.

Governors are elected, leaders are decided

Her citizens are fed with vinegar

Despite her great strength and golden pillars,

borne is her choice of food

Corruption is her foreman; lifeless dictators

disruption of peace flood all stead

from danger of uncertainty.

Endanger! Our life is at risk, the citizens roar

the nation who has the blood of her inhabitants

is her strength, Suffering is her intrinsic nature

A Republic of Poverty,

giant of corruption, class of social vices

home of tribalism, lodge of religion crisis

College of disunity. Home for ALL

Return to your state oh Nigeria

Let the history of “Ghana Must Go”

be written about you

Let nations commit back your inhabitant

and let the good in you be felt around the globe

You are unfeigned acquitted

but your predecessors are guilty of all pains.

In deep communion with the creator

we say again, oh God of Creation,

direct our noble cause

guide our leaders right

help our youth the truth to know.

In love and honesty to grow

to live in just and truth.

All hail the King of creation

heal our land

great love we entertain

to build the nation where peace

and justice shall reign.

For Nigeria is our Land,

Nigeria is our abode.

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