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My Last Firewall

Beauty can be deceiving
if you are at the other end of the receiving.
They say, “seeing is believing”
but believing isn’t relieving.

My heart was hacked recently
by beauty queens unrelenting.
They got my pace setter
and my heart was in arrhythmia.

Encoding my heart with viruses
I became a venture of misuses.
Their codes seem impossible to decrypt
until I encountered this firewall.

Wow! My latest firewall wall is a goldmine
of the neptunian breed.
She is a rare jewel,
an encrypted pearl,
a code difficult to crack.

With anonymous username and password,
she left the world of hackers in awe.
She is second to none,
safeguarding my heart alone.

My heart files and documents are safe in her memory cloud.
My latest firewall is so strong such that she got her own internet server different from the world wide web.

What more can I ask for
when she is the reason my system can’t be hacked.
What more can one ask for
when you have a firewall fully packed.

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