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To The One I Met

I know that I’m not honest
I got flaws too
But right now I’m being modest
I can’t get my mind off you
I know I ain’t cute, tall or rich
And my past’s got a very big breach
All my heart does is make a twitch
That’s because your heart, it’s tryna reach

It’s been a while I touched your skin
But I still feel the same
I’m crawling in my skin
My heart’s aflame
I know it’s moving too fast
And we’ve got little memories together
But please forget the past
Just let you and I make a forever

I’m fallen and I can’t help myself
I can’t rise if you don’t raise me yourself
I’m longing for your heart
Just like a lonely, hungry, thirsty hart
I was falling and hoping my crashing
How then did I start crushing?
Our eyes met, when my hair I was brushing
We smiled at each other and damn!… I was blushing

Even if the whole world makes a noise
I’ll forever maintain my poise
Cos I’ve made my choice
I ain’t going nowhere till I hear your voice
With you, my past fades
Just looking at your long hair in its waves
I love sitting with you under the shades
Listening to your heartbeat like its playing claves

With all sincerity
I confess my affinity
Just let me show you me
A me different from the one Errone can see
I’m marveled at how the birds come around
Errtime they hear you laugh
Please be my future… And errthing
Cos without you, I’m like the drawing in this picture


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