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The Mask

I find peace in a broken picture…
Love in a broken heart
I find hope in a dark future…
Joy in an evil art
I find truth in a sad song…
The light in the devils eyes
I feel my heart with sadness throng…
Tells the realest truth when my depressions rise

I find happiness in a dangerous liquor
Peace in a deadly pill
I see the hope of life in a broken mirror
Laugh when my own blood spills
I find safety in the arms of my enemy
Comfort in my own pain
“Friends” are all there, but not for me
With you when the sun shines but not in the rain

I hear a million words in my silence
Confidence in my violence
Life is a living hell
Yet I pretend to be living well
Laughter when you’re with “friends”
But that ain’t the way the story ends
I’m that embroidery you love at the outside
But I look crazy on the inside

There’s nothing that will ever be enough
The war is simple
But the battle is tough
My hope made of a great ripple
They all see me
But that ain’t what I wanted them to see
I want ’em to see the deadliest scars in me
Well, I guess if they do, they’ll flee

Just when you think someone is listening
You look outside the window of your mind
You see no’ing but your shadow whistling
Singing the song of the blind
Dying in the snow
Dying from the frost
Heartbeat going slow and slow
Mind weak and lost

Why can’t we be great companions?
Look out closely for our friends
And quit being assertious
Look at your friends from a different lens
Cos sometimes they ain’t what you think
They just need you for one task
To pull them back from the brink
And look beyond the fucking mask!

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