The Innocent Cry

Walking alone in a confused world
I wondered why the world
Is being carved with lies.
An innocent heart is a blank mail
Filled with purity
An exchanged with tragedy.
A shield of lies encompasses the guilt
Agony is the best for innocence when encompassed with lie.
About the truth, the world is weird
The world is a back-up chameleon
A wired world that prefers good for the rich and bad for the poor
Bribe flows like ariver, heat dries it up.
The friend of the world has different colours
Innocence is the friend of swamps
The eyes of love is a passage of sacrifice
The needy is a breakdown, an ice of gold is for the world.

Cries in the eye of an innocent
Flowing like the blood a dead cow
Cries flood the markets, the world of sorrow
For the innocent
Tears in the soul of an innocent
The battle is now for the innocent
Shield is now broken
Good life is mixed with stones
Instinct is entangled with diversity
The world betrays the innocent for no reason.

The friend zone of the world
Is wise in thought
But foolish in action
Cry always for the innocent,
Opposite minds gang-up against the innocent.
Friend in needs is the robe of the world.
A powerless man on earth
Is as mute as a snail
Who can help the innocent
For justices?
I think words are for the simple
The rebellious is always right in shady.
The door made for the innocent by the world
Is a backup of regret for an innocent.

The soul of an innocent is pounded in sorrow
A strong hit without a reason for the hit.
Cry always for the innocent
The word ‘why’, is a lyrics in the mouth
With a chorus of sound sorrow
In the heart
Scar always rums cake in the heart
Blood flows like a stream of bug
Conscious lies in the desert
Eagle is lost in the air
Vision is replaced with dreadful mission
Innocent cries, crystal cut the heart of the simple
Bed with wrinkles in the heart,
Cry becomes the pasture of the innocent when lies lead.

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