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Something Old School

Something old school,
And yet something new
is unfolding.
Love always there,
just being rediscovered.
Melody always there,
yes, just had to find it again.

Something old school
And yet something new
is unfolding.
Holding the most timeless vibes.
Like that horn on his groove…
move, oh yeah.
And that is what is happening.
They are moving each other,
and blood is hot.
But it is not what you are thinking.

He is community,
She is state,
They are nations.
They make amend and
praying to war, gun, water;
breathe easy, calm air.

He is beauty
She is strength
They are power.

He is earth
She is fire
She is belief
He is culture
They are every colour.

He is harmony
She is melody
They are music.
And something old school.
There is something about their horn.
That horn is love.

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