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Hate To Love You Diana!

It’s been crazy e’er since I met you
Doing things I never imagined of you
Said you’re easy, but I can’t solve you
My bedroom is a battlefield for you
Girl, I’m tryna relax you
For once, lemme be proud of you
Babe, I love you…
So much that I wish I never met you

I see ya with a bunch of girls and I’m asking
You said they all your sisters
The first is Ariana
The second is Christiana
The third is Rihanna
And then your name is Diana
C’mon girl, we’re grown adults not youngsters
So who the fuck you kidding?

You used to be free months ago
But now, I only have access to your shampoo
Let’s talk ’bout the phone for instance
You wanna answer calls now, you keeping a distance
Saving contacts with colours like its Holi
Now you saving ’em with emojis
You were damn sweet, much more than honey
Now you’re with me cos of no’ing but my money

Last week, bestie asked, “How ’bout your man?”
And you said, “My man who?”
Yet you still come home and call me your superman
C’mon girl, superman for who?
You asked for a designer bag
I bought you two
You said your wardrobe is full of rags
I bought you expensive clothes too

Tell me to make dinner
I cooked my best for you
But come back with food from the diner
Saying your ex bought it for you
I come home buying you roses
Your best collection of flowers
You said, “I prefer daises ”
Not even a “Thank you” for ’em flowers

I’m so done with you and me
And the fucking scars you left in me
I pray things go well for you
I pray I remember to forget you
I know you’re sad, tired, and want me to forgive
But you’ll get over it tonight
You’ll find another love to give
Don’t worry ’bout me, I’ll be alright

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