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Foul Play

Red was the day that got us split,
when we couldn’t truce on a sit.
And all I have done in a bid
to quell her mind was undid.

Her persistent insecurity
revealed her mind of immaturity.
And her unbalanced curiosity
was the template of our adversity.

She became the awful screams
I hear in my daily dreams.
And my serene life
became a hall of strife.

When we went to Mali
I never knew she’d dilly dally.
Now she thought I’m Ali,
the guy she met in the alley.

But we started on a deluxe peak,
always strong and never weak.
Then she cudgelled my heart into a beaten marshmallow
and here I’m mincing with grief to follow.

And people still saw us to be sweet,
a trend to get many retweets.
But we both have a cold feet,
that no one would dare to meet.

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