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Vannesa Why?

Vanessa oh Vanessa
Beautiful as the flowers of Paris
Pure like the winter snow
Your love, my heart carries
And nutures dearly so ’twill grow
The lights in your eyes
Lights up my darkness
Your lips so cold like ice
It cools off my furnace

Vanessa oh Vanessa
Oh did you know that I drown
In the words that I’m saying
When my heart wears a frown
Or when my soul is aching?
You’re lost in your ego
Sinking in your emotion
Yet you think you’re a valiant hero
But no you’re drowning in your mind’s ocean

Vanessa oh Vanessa
I told you I despise wine
And abhor the taste of liquor
But this feeling of mine
Admires the bottle of liquor
I sit under the moon that glows
Talking to someone, feeling good and happy
She looks so much like a face I know
Oh damn… I see her… I know her… She’s my bottle of whiskey

Vanessa oh Vanessa
Why did this love run?
Why does it despise us?
Damn… I’m speaking the language of Rum
In my head… talking about us!!!
You denied yourself joy
Cos you wanna judge me
So blinded by anger like a foil
The truth you can’t even see

Vanessa oh Vanessa
You love me, I believe
You trust me, I believe
You call me, I receive
You hurt me, I receive
I love you, you want proof
I trust you, you want proof
I talk, you despise
My time, you minimise

Vanessa oh Vanessa
Why does errthing go down
We were once happy like a clown
Now our hearts grow weary and less fonder
Cos you’re now so dreary and Why?…that I ponder
I’ll be gone soon
Trust me… you’ll never know
But always listen to the moon
Cos when ‘soon’ comes, he’ll tell you so

Vanessa oh Vanessa
You know I’m decent
And so you loved me e’en to my scent
Always inhaling me while we stare at the crescent
Oh shit!… The memory’s so recent
I go through the pain
I threw those drugs in the drain
Said I won’t do them again
Oh no… that’s not true…
I’m still doing NOVOCAINE!

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