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Lucid Dreams

I found her, I found the one
I used to think no one is perfect
But after searching for so long
I found the perfect one… one hundred percent
Shiny black hair resting on her chest
Eyes sparkling with love and innocence
Smiles and blinks?… She’s got the best!
Her thoughts cleans me like incense

Lips red like wet roses
Teeth white like snow
Her kisses are my doses
Errtime I’m so sick and low
She shines so perfectly bright
My source of joy and happiness
Always with me all night
The warrior that fights my loneliness

I sleep so gentle and tender
Hoping to wake up to rough bedsheets
Nope… I wake up in a bed made of lavender
And the sound of lovebirds tweets
Each time she’s in the kitchen
Tryna make me a meal
I watch like a hungry little kitten
Damn!… I still can’t believe this is real!

When I look at her eyes and lips
She understands and knows what I miss
And then her eyes make sharp flips
And she plants that amazing kiss
She’s exactly what I’ve thought of
Someone I never knew exists
That perfect example of love
Love so strong that I can’t resist

When I’m down and broken
And when we fight
I run back into her arms wide open
I can’t last a day without her light
She understands me e’en before I speak
Reads me by my demeanor
I know I’m a freak
But I’m also her Icon of Honour

I know you think I’m in the heavens
And I’m so in love and outta my mind
But it’s not true…. None of this happened

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