Journey to Abuja

Journey to Abuja—ZenPens

On a fateful morning
I called on journey
“Hello, Journey, I am hiring you to a meeting at Abuja the state capital.
Hello, one again I want you to accompany me to the city where the author of Nigeria lives.”
A city coupled with green light, green leaves like an octopus.
Dreams seem to have come through on the true purpose of this day.

On the way to the city of purpose
I think purpose is excited for visiting vegetations
Really excited, an extra fuel exulted combustion
To proceed on the exceeding purpose of a blue day like this.
Journey, I have a great time on this day, I beckon on you to Abuja.
The city of déjà vu always has to itself.
Now it’s my own,
Driving on a silver purpose of love
Like the sky of protection on this day.

Abuja, here I come for you, on my way to you,
I was many things that looked like you
Really the exact copy of you.
I will tell you immediately I see you.
I am accompanied by Journey, my great colleague of many years ago.
Now is the day, imagination will become manifestation.
At the corner, I can’t find this day
But Journey brought it to me as a surprise to crown my dazzling dreams
With an experience of great a purpose.

Yep, not longer a promise
But with a cap of purpose
Purpose on the journey
To establish itself on this wonderful day like today.
Avila, Abuja I am very close to you, distance as been chained
Here I come to take you as memories to where I come from.

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