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Family Photograph

Unlike ancient families,

my family photograph reminds me of
an ancient story, of how things fell apart..

Seated in the middle, is my fatherless father who was fathered by his mother
with Hitler’s authority and unraveled mystery,
which my father generously passed to his children…
Thus, made hostility my first inheritance from my father’s intellectual properties.

The attire of sad smile he wore, is an indication of our enslaved dreams,
which transformed me to a freedom fighter (a rebel),
In search of a pathfinder to retrace my lost steps…
Father thinks his first fruit is fruitless, like a defaced river without origin,
hence, prompted the cold expression…

Seated next to father, is my puzzled mother,
who had to have me before she was wedlocked with,
what seems to be an unbearable bondage till old age…

Her despairing posture, has always been posing posers,
before the night of my day dream
With her stressed pupil, and Irish iris reflecting the watermark on her wrinkled face of unending worries…

Beside Mother, is my clueless sister, the happiest of the lot,
Since I refused to reckon with my father’s thesis,
the sermon appealed her, and won her virgin heart,

She is determined to get engaged with quantum entanglement,
and set the law of motion with photosynthesis,
and the table did turn
Her dream was indeed bigger than the void in father’s heart…

At the far end lies the black sheep of the family, as father would say,
The artist with a small dream… and of course I painted the atmosphere with despair,
And my name flooded their flood gates…

My short stretched hands, indeed engraved my name in their hearts,
and their first generation to the fifth, kept savouring my pieces of art

No wonder my younger brother, wants to be like me,
as well as their children.

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