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It was a decade now, when Arnold and his lover, Dorothy were under a shade of a leafless tree that stood next to a river bank: the sky was so cool and serene, the ocean was as quiet as a tomb and as calm as a cat; the birds were singing gently, the stars in the sky were dazzling, the moon was smiling. Everything was peaceful—it was a night back.

Both lovers had a lot of time to chitchat, discuss and exchange thoughts. The talk between both parties began and grew longer. Soon, Arnold began to draw close to Dorothy, he gazed directly into her eyes, spoke into her ears and recited some romantic poems, expressing the degree of his love for her.

“Dorothy, look deeply into the face of the sky. Can you obviously see the beauty is nigh? If heavy thunder claps—my love for you is still intact. If the rain pours down heavily, forever, you’re in my heart,” he said, kneeling before Dorothy.

He continued the romantic confession, “Now, that I’ve become the pilot of your heart. Do you mind joining me to pilot across the whole world, showing you the beauty in my he(ART), and path across the desert where I’ll never desert you? If death knocks, I’ll keep you company all through it. If you cross to the other border, my heart will make the journey with you. My heart and soul adore you, sincerely, my ‘innermost parts’ can testify to this. I’ll never abandon you for the flame of fire, I’ll never allow penury to pick on you. Never!” he said, in toto.

Dorothy deeply felt each and every line of his confession and smiled. She didn’t know what to say but to erupt into tears. “Arnold! Your words are like water that revived to life a withered heart. I love you!” she confessed, hugging him alongside a deep kiss.

At the break of the following day. It was still dark, when Arnold phone banged for nearly three times before he could wake up from the bed. His eyes were half opened, and he was yawning, before he could respond to the call. As he glimpsed at the screen of the phone, he discovered that the caller was Dorothy, saved on the phone as ‘Dorluv.’

She picked it up. “Hello. Who’s on the line?” he inquired from the caller, because he sensed that, the voice was different from that of his lover.

“This is Angelina, the younger sister of Dorothy speaking with you,” she introduced herself over the phone.

“Okay, how may I help you? Why are you the one speaking to me? How about Dorothy?” asked Arnold.

“Hmm. I’m afraid… Dorothy gave up to ghost overnight,” she passed the information in a low pitched voice and cut the phone.

Immediately, Arnold heard this, his phone fell from his hands, he started hallucinating, talking bollocks, and coincidentally weeping like a monster.

“Death! You’re so cruel! You didn’t keep me abreast that you’re gonna take my heart so soon. Why her? Why not me? What’s the essence of me in this vain world without my heart? I’m damn empty and null! But, Dorothy you never told me you’re gonna leave me with all my confessions last night. I’m crazy! you’re crazy death! So callous and stony hearted!” he spoke to the ceiling and laughed stupidly, while the tears ran down his cheek profusely.

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