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Mum left him. She left me too. He was cruel to her. He didn’t want her close.

She left, and never came back. Not considering what I had in mind. I wanted her by my side, but she didn’t wait to fight, or take me with her.

The man I knew to be a father didn’t love me. For I was from my Mama’s womb. Womb of someone he hated, and was cruel to.

So, he made me do all the house chores. Even the ones I wasn’t capable of. He abused me physically with his whips, and mentally with his harsh words. I wished he had killed me, than let me survive in such a world.

I became a lunatic, and talked to shadows, as I moved on the road. I didn’t have friends, for I thought he would abuse them too. I cared for their health.

Everything seemed dark in my own world, and I sought a way to bring light, even if it was just a match, to light my path that would lead me to ma (mum).

Then, it happened one night. He wanted to abuse me with his whip, for something I never did. Nothing was ever his fault. So, he told me to come out of the room I hid in. I cried bitterly, and prayed I died instantly. But, death is under no man’s command.

The door flew open, and he charged towards me, with his whip. His heart was dark, and didn’t let him see what I had in hand.

He came closer, and I thrust it in. I made it deep, that I wished I killed his soul.

My hands were red with watery substance, as I let out a loud cry of all my years of abuse, and victory at last.

I was never abused again. I had total freedom. I let me live.

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