Tell Me To Climb

Wake me up from my slumber
Remind me I stumbled
Tell me I can be a climber
That age is just a number.

Remind me of my past failures
And rejuvenate the will in me
Tell me I’m my saviour
That which is my guarantee.

Tap me on the head to wake up
And say to me, “It is dawn,
The perfect time to man up
And get things Done”.

Tell me it takes a little bravery,
That if only I will climb
The sugar hug plum fruit tree,
That its sweetness will take away my face’s grime.

Tell me a tale of a climber
Who stumbled
But instead of being a grumbler,
He jumbled his stumbles and became a great climber.

Tell me it starts with a climb
The end to my fear
Say to me, “Even with one limb
You can be a great mountaineer.”

Remind me its now or never
That a great climber
Braves up his will forever
And becomes a great climber.

Tell me it starts now with just one Climb.

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