Treasure is the beauty of life,
The seed of love rests on life,
The gift of man is made in man.
Man in his idea, flourishing like the strength
Of an eagle, ability is wasted
When talent have no pleasure in treasure.

Talent is from the unseen nature of creation
Hidden in the nature of creation.
The beauty of creation,
That beautifully creature in mind of creation
An hallow pearls in the mind of creation,
Instinct is the beauty of our world
Nature smile, river from east is awarded.
Talent is the controller of beauty.
What can I say then?

Oh talent, you had beautify our world.
Silver is benched, talent is given the accolade
Fame explode for joy, happiness is received by accolade
Talent represent our world.
The beauty is the throne for talent.
Man is the beauty of the world
Talent is an icon for the beauty
An icon with creative Idea
Dexterity is the beauty of a skillful man.
Peer lost skill, a free man never operate in difficulty.

Difficult is for the unskillful
Talent is the path to till storm
No man has beauty, if talent is of the past
The past can never be the present.
Beauty lies in the colour
Of our blue world
With a ring of love as one.

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