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I remember her often, as always, her beautiful face and long shiny hair. We were kids then and had just met. I used be shy and naive and always walking with my face to the ground. I don’t know if she noticed it and took advantage of it or she simply enjoyed manipulating people. Oftentimes, when her pencil broke while writing, she would take mine and me pretend to the teacher that I was writing with her broken pencil.

She knew I was afraid of losing her and capitalized on that; she also often made me feel less, that she was more beautiful and so on. It was bad, infact, beside her, I felt like trash.

My mom was angry, she counselled me everyday, she told me to look up when I’m walking and to always speak for myself. I was angry too, but I couldn’t stand up to her, it was that bad.
I was intelligent but definitely not smart.

Anyway, one fateful day, I can remember clearly, we were playing in class, when ‘madam’ asked me to put some tables and chairs together so she could stand on them and do whatever—I don’t remember that part.

I was almost done placing the tables together so she could have a perfect stage when suddenly she put her foot in between two tables and fell.

She was embarrassed because she was the ‘princess of the class’ and as such couldn’t bear being laughed at. I was sorry for her and was hoping she hadn’t sustained any injuries when suddenly she started blaming me.

In that instant, I lost it, I didn’t care anymore, I released all my bottled-up emotions and even called her names. She reported to the teacher but I wasn’t given any punishment. I felt very good that day.

After that incident, things changed and she started respecting me. When her pencil broke, she had to look for a pencil sharpener. And I respected her too.

And that was it, we are still friends today. If I had allowed it to continue, I would have ended up very differently. Some of us still have friends who treat us like trash, looking down on us and doing all sorts of evil, but we can’t let go because we feel they’re ‘too special’

Are you going to do something about it or are you going to keep ‘managing’?

Why allow people ‘manage’ you when there are a lot of others willing to love and cherish you? You can’t see them because your eyes have been blocked by this ‘special person’

Doing something about it might not necessarily mean blowing your top as it was in my own case. You could sit and talk about it or better still, end it. The fastest way to do this is to end communication.

Don’t be afraid to air your opinion, that person is just as special as you are.

Friendship is by choice, not by force.

Make your choice-choose friends, not frenemies.

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