Yesterday Like Today

A flowing day by our side
Flourishing like rose, always flourishing
Always like yesterday.
A gloomy day that cover letters, ink is a circular motion for the day.
The best day I ever had
Was the day
Light travels from long distance to visit my day.
Love and charity clarifies rarity
Although that day was rare
A burning desire never loses desire.

Days go but there was one
That is like the day, I appointed,
On the day that four Hebrew
Spread and stretched the wings of their thoughts like birds.
Yesterday was the day
I beckoned on, thanks to the day
That flourished like the idea of a tortoise.
The shell of a snail is the banquet of its protection.
The first life that spread green light on yesterday
Was the subject line that no one ever thought off.

Morning ignited today
I perceived dew shield
Of protection in the atmosphere
Flowing, glowing, hollowing like sun river
Without bruise on the day
The following is always followed by the moderator of the day
Slowly but softened like stream from the east
My heart dreamt of the west like stream flows from its source without stocking.

Like today, so likewise yesterday was
Cally on calls, yesterday like today
Surprise zipped those days I thought was the best.
Regards to the best of the best
Because the best day
Was a mat shinning day
Floating around the table like
Razzle dazzle moment that fell into a ditch.
Days never cover the latter
A red flag is a symbol of a cracking day
The first will be the one that will cover the latter.
Days go, but what sustain it is planning.

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